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Shipping Information

A note about shipping policy and charges:

A flat $5 shipping charge is normally applied at checkout time for your order, regardless of the number of items being purchased. At the present time, we're experiencing a problem with the checkout process, where a $5 shipping fee is being applied for each separate product in your shopping cart. The quantities of each product purchased do not affect the shipping charge, only the mix of several different products being ordered in one purchased at checkout time. For example, an order for any quantity of the Ultra IBEC will generate the correct $5 flat shipping charge, but adding another product such as a PLR5 regulator to the order will tack on an additional $5 fee, which is an error. We're working to resolve this, but in the meantime, we will refund any shipping charge errors to assure that you do not pay more than the normal $5 flat fee for standard shipping per order.

This $5 flat fee covers USPS 1st class mail, with delivery tracking for shipments within the USA. There is no insurance/loss coverage included for the$5 flat fee. For international purchases, there is no delivery tracking or insurance/loss coverage available with 1st class mail deliveries. On request, other shipping methods can be purchased to upgrade from 1st class mail. Please contact Tech-Aero sales to make this request. We apologize for the inconvenience as we sort this out to make shipping options more flexible in the future.