FlexReg PLR5-E

 "FlexReg" Model PLR5-E Features
- Programmable regulator implements single or dual battery redundant power systems with ease. *
- Always on, 
lightweight, rugged switchless design is ideal for electric powered models
- Weighs only 0.4 oz and delivers a 5A maximum current rating per regulator.
- Dual 3 pin up/down adjustment port provides 32 programmable output voltages to allow precise regulator voltage settings.
- High reliability Surface Mount components reduce weight and size.
- For 2 cell LiPo / LiIon or 5 cell NiMh / NiCad applications.
- Programmable voltage ranges from 5.75V to 6.65V (factory adjusted to 6.2V each). **
- Customized output voltage ranges and adjustment increments available by special order.

* Redundant power system figurations require a 2nd PLR5-E

** Available "E-Z Set" programming box with integrated digital voltmeter is recommended for best adjustment results.

Download the PLR5-E Quick Start Manual

Download the PLR5 User Manual


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