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Download the FlexLink Users Guide

Download the FlexLink Configuration Utility V2.2.0.0 with Throttle-Tech Firmware V2.53

Throttle-Tech System

The Throttle-Tech system combines a LiPo battery voltage tap board and a microcontroller board. Together they apply a compensation factor to the throttle commands from the receiver to the ESC, based on continuous analysis of voltage readings taken at the battery supply to the ESC. Throttle-Tech provides consistent and smooth throttle response for the full range of throttle movement throughout the useful charge of the LiPo powering the ESC and propulsion motor.

Throttle-Tech Accessories

USB adapter 3 25.jpg

USB to Serial Port Adapter

The Tech-Aero USB to Serial Port Adapter allows the Throttle-Tech System to be

re-configured from a standard PC using the Tech-Aero FlexLInkTM software.